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Opting in: Using IoT connectivity to drive differentiation (IoT in Insurance)

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In Deloitte's article "Opting in:  Using IoT connectivity to drive differentiation, the authors take a look at the innovation created by using IoT in the insurance industry.  From the article, "This case study of insurance innovation and its unintended consequences may be a precursor to the next generation of digital connectivity in the industry. Today, the availability of unlimited new sources of data that can be exploited in real time is radically altering how consumers and businesses interact. And the suite of technologies known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the experimentation of Progressive and other financial services companies. With the IoT’s exponential growth, the ways in which citizens engage with their cars, homes, and bodies are getting smarter each day, and they expect the businesses they patronize to keep up with this evolution. Insurance, an industry generally recognized for its conservatism, is no exception."

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IoT in Insurance